This will be perhaps one of the most essential things to take on ahead of choosing a menstrual glass

This will be perhaps one of the most essential things to take on ahead of choosing a menstrual glass

Many servings come in a few sizes, into reduced size meant for young girls as well as the large proportions intended for elderly females (regardless of if in the event you have given delivery ahead of as well as plays an excellent character here).

“An abundance of mug firms possess sizes having young women rather than old female, or females who have had kids,” claims Dr. Taylor. “When you bring birth, their genitals is far more flexible and you want more substantial glass [to prevent] leaks immediately following having a baby.”

Menstrual cup makers offering several sizes constantly suggest young ones, younger girls, and you can women that have not offered birth look for the shorter dimensions, while ladies who have considering beginning and you may women over the ages thirty five should choose the large size. Nonetheless, definitely read up on sizing to the specific glass you are to get in the event the conditions varies.


Why don’t we have one point obvious: regardless of how very carefully you select a cup for your self otherwise how many glowing recommendations it offers online, certain glasses only would not feel safe. Most of the female’s physiology and menstruation is why not try here different and it’s really quite normal to simply hate ways a specific cup seems just after it’s registered, even if it’s theoretically best dimensions, figure, and you will fit.

“The most popular factor in problems try poor placement,” claims Dr. Taylor. “If it is pressing the new courage material [of hymenal muscle], it’ll end up being uncomfortable.”

Prior to moving towards the conclusion that you’ll require a new cup, she means altering the fresh perspective in which your entered the cup discover a far greater match, or seeking to submit they deeper which consist totally inside the brand new snatch. If you discover your stalk of one’s mug was harassing you because it’s a long time, you can slender they which does not be noticeable as much (just be cautious never to puncture the new cup!).

After you’ve tried a number of something different, you might need some slack and check out once more several other go out. Remember, there was an understanding bend. But when you still can not score a gentle fit immediately following multiple efforts, it would be time for you alter course.

Dr. Taylor contributes, “A monthly period mug holds an adequate amount there is always to end up being shorter leakages which have a cup than just a great tampon, however however you want a beneficial close in addition to right positioning. Panty liners can be helpful when you find yourself mind-mindful [on leakages].”

Menstrual glasses wanted far more worry than just throwaway shields and you will tampons. Their cup will likely be removed and you will cleanse that have warm, soap and water no less than all of the 12 circumstances; whether your several months is more than, specific companies in addition to suggest boiling hot your own cup so you’re able to sanitize they, next and can dead prior to storage it into the a clean location. Be sure to stick to the manufacturer’s advice having sanitizing-particular highly recommend boiling hot the brand new glass for five to eight times, while some recommend as long as twenty minutes.

You might also need to make sure you is also actually input and you can remove the mug as opposed to breaking the sensitive muscle close by the pussy, and therefore you might be safe approaching menstrual bloodstream.

“[You prefer] guide control so you’re able to eliminate and you can input brand new mug through the the duration,” states Dr. Kimble, “[together with] the ability to manage monthly period water within these [cup] change.”


Considering Dr. Kimble, an average menstrual mug holds regarding the 31 mL, otherwise you to oz, off monthly period water at the same time. That can perhaps not look like far, but the person with average skills manages to lose throughout the 40 mL of blood during the period of the whole months-for example very cups have the ability to have a lot of of one’s bloodstream from period at the same time.

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