The Future is Here: Countries that Offer Digital Nomad Visas

The Future is Here: Countries that Offer Digital Nomad Visas

Another great advantage is Vietnam’s visa schemes. While getting long-term visas in Asia is often a hassle, the process in Vietnam is simpler than in Thailand, for example. It’s even possible to score a visa that lasts up to a year!

Teaching English online is a surefire method to earn a consistent income on the road. Work from anywhere, change some lives, and earn some dollaridoos while you do it!

For the longest time, digital nomad visas seemed to be an unlikely pipedream of us wayward souls falling through the cracks of the system. Then in rolled the good ol’ pandemic, real heterosexual singles dating site remote work became the new norm, tourism took a skydive out the nearest 6-storey window, and countries started saying-

Finally, countries are offering legit digital nomad visas. Travelling as an online worker has always been a bit of a legal grey area… While tax evasion is fun and never gets old, constantly border-hopping and changing locales when maybe you’d just like to stay put for a year DOES get tiresome.

But with digital nomad visas emerging for several countries, staying put is finally becoming more feasible. They may not be the best option for you contingent on your type of work and how much you like to move around, but these countries are certainly worth the consideration. Digital nomad visas are inevitably going to draw in digital nomads and that means better facilities, more recognition, and darling communities to be a part of.

Georgia (The Country, Not the State…)

Georgia’s been popping up a lot recently in headlines. It seems like that’s where all the cool kids left adrift in a strange new world are currently gathering, and Georgia is fully encouraging this.

For a couple of years now, Georgia has made great efforts to attract digital nomads. From offering free one-year visas to launching initiatives that allow remote workers to share office spaces with Georgian workers, this gem of the Caucasus triplets is determined to make a name as the new digital nomad favourite. Last year, Georgia became one of the first countries to offer a digital nomad visa.

Tbilisi – the capital of Georgia – is potentially one of the most awesome cities in the world! Balancing between old Ottoman influences and modern European city culture, the city is a delightful mixture of old and new. It’s one of the cheapest places for digital nomads to live in Europe PLUS travelling Georgia is easy with snow-capped mountains or gorgeous beaches never too far away.

The digital nomad community in Tbilisi is still small compared to some of the more established DN cities. However, it’s growing at a rather astounding rate; there are events almost every night of the week to keep you busy! For those looking for a slower pace, Batumi and Kutaisi are two other excellent cities for digital nomads.

Bonus tip! Just south of Georgia, Armenia offers a similar free visa for one year, and its capital Yerevan is a terrific city with lots of potential to develop into the next big nomad centre hub of the Caucasus.


This ex-Soviet state on the shores of the Baltic Sea has really raised its profile in recent years for the young and geographically loose professionals. Estonia has been offering e-residency for some time– the chance to establish a company and pay taxes there even if you don’t live there. And now, with the introduction of the new Estonian digital nomad visa, moving there is easier than ever!

The capital Tallinn is where it all goes down! Home to enthralling Medieval architecture, bustling cultural events, and some damn fine food, Tallinn might just be the perfect place to stay while you save some dollaridoos. Due to the influx of foreign workers, Tallinn has admittedly become a tad more expensive than it used to be, but the prices are still similar to other Eastern European favourites like Budapest or Prague.

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