So just before bed, she asked if I had tried them on yet

So just before bed, she asked if I had tried them on yet

I said no (my daughter was still getting ready for bed), so she said to go make sure they fit.

If nothing else, at least now when I’m out shopping with her, I can feel more comfortable browsing the racks. And when she’s looking at shoes, I can be maybe just a little more open about my opinions, and she won’t be so upset at the thought that just maybe I’m thinking about them for me.

Happy Easter!

Today was the most celebrated and wonderful holiday on the Christian Calendar. Non-Christians often think that Christmas should own those titles–because how can a holiday that celebrates death be greater than one that celebrates birth?

The birth of our Savior was a wondrous event, heralded by angels, foretold by prophets for millenia. And Christmas is a joyous time for Christians and non-Christians alike, but were it not for the events we celebrate around Easter, December 25th would just be another day. Oh, sure, we might still have the traditions we kept from the pagans, but the marvel and wonder of Christmas just wouldn’t be there. It would just be another birthday.

No, Christmas wouldn’t be the same if not for Easter. It wasn’t the fact that a man died on a cross that makes Easter special. It was the fact that this particular man died on a cross for us! Because with His death He paid for our sins! That in itself would be worthy of the amazing celebration, but if the story ended there, it still wouldn’t mean as much as it does.

What makes it special is that he died in payment for our sins and then was raised to Heaven on the third day. What further proof did the world need that this was the Son of God? And because He is the Son of God, His payment for our sins is irrefutable.

God gave us an incredible gift nearly two thousand years ago. How many of us truly appreciate the gift He gave? How many of us thank Him for the gift He gives us anew each and every day?

May His light shine on you and all you are, for He made you–His child, His precious little one, the one He awaits with arms that are always open and always will be.

I Went Out!!

My friend Kimi asked if she could change in the room too, so her kids wouldn’t see the full change in their dad, and of course I agreed. I mean, I had the room and it was only going to be used for a total of maybe two hours the whole night, so she might as well get some use from it too.

Took me an hour and fifteen minutes to get dressed (I really need to bring that time down) and get the makeup on and all. Some readers wanted to know what I was wearing…black cotton three-tiered skirt, above the knee, flower-patterned fishnets (yes, snapfucked nedir these were perfectly appropriate for SISTERS ), red satin blouse. I managed to get the wig mostly figured out on my own (I think it could have been brushed neater, but I think it was good enough) and pinned in place. I was pretty pleased with the overall package. Oh, and red hoop earrings. There are photos of me, but none on my camera. Some of my Facebook friends may get to see them. If I get permission, I’ll re-post them on crossdressers as well.

Kimi showed up (she’s the first person ever to see Dianna live) and got herself ready, then we walked out of the room to my car–my first time outside, in the world, presenting as a woman. That moment will always live in my memory as one of the big events in my life, even though it was literally five feet to my car.

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