That is why I suggest you take control over the following domains of his life:

That is why I suggest you take control over the following domains of his life:


Now that he has started on shifting all financial control to you, you can start to treat him as a slave in earnest by instilling obedience and changing habits is usually done by a combination of rewards and punishment.

Praise: Praise can and should be given every time he does something to your satisfaction. Praise can be given in public in a socially acceptable way and in private by treating him like a beloved pet by patting him on the head, having him kiss your feet, etc.

The next controlling domains can be modified into rewards and or punishments, depending on how well your husband has performed.

Free Time: how he spends his free time is up to you. If he has been obedient and done all his tasks, you can treat him to a limited time where he gets to do an activity. Make sure he negotiates with you and gives you options. You ultimately decide how he spends his free time. It is important that free time is revoked when he has not been 100% obedient or dutiful. Instead of free time he has then earned corner time when he’s not working for you.

Food privileges: I suggest you control what he eats and ensure that the food is bland and tasteless. Even when dining in a restaurant. That way, you can give him a treat if he has obeyed you to your standards or punish him by ordering him to eat a dish he truly dislikes.

Drink privileges: slave husbands should be content with water. You can reward him with a soda if he’s been good or an alcoholic beverage if he has been especially good. If your slave husband has a humiliation fetish you could also reward him by having him drink his or your urine.

Fetish privileges: you can reward or punish your slave with pain. Some painful kinks will pleasurable to him, others will not. For instance, he might find 10 lashes of the crop sexually rewarding, but I doubt he will find 60 lashes with a crop exciting.


Explain to your husband that all household items are yours and yours alone from no-one. This includes his clothes. Allow me to correct myself: your clothes. Have him strip naked. If he needs clothing, it is up to your husband to ask you – politely – if he can borrow your clothes.

Make him feel like a slave even when he is clothed. He is no longer allowed to wear his underwear, in fact, I suggest you throw away his underwear. From now on, he will wear either panties, or if you aren’t inclined to do this, wear humiliating underwear. Cafepress has some great options to keep your husband sober.

Look around your house and choose 3 slave spaces: a corner where you stand and wait until you have to do tasks, a “cage” where you are stored away when your Mistress needs privacy (can be a small closet) and an office chair and desk where you work. These are the only spaces you will ever occupy unless you are doing chores.

Buy a collar and leash. This will be a slave collar to wear at all times when naked. Make sure a leash can be attached to it for your Mistress to train you.Your first chore is to remove all personal belongings from sight. Your belongings should not be visible to the naked eye. This is your Mistress’ (future) home now.

Choose 1 blanket, 1 pillow and 1 slave rug. You are allowed these items to sleep if you have displayed good behavior, otherwise you sleep on the floor.Shave off all body hair and make your body soft and smooth to remind yourself you are a docile male.

You will learn to control your erections and only have them when permitted.Study your slave positions. These are the only positions you can take when in private.

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