I checked into the 624th SS Co (DS) inside October 1966

I checked into the 624th SS Co (DS) inside October 1966

We were discovered really next to the Evac Hospital around. I experienced just already been through it around three months or so and the brand new VC blew up a complete mat away from ammunition at 3rd Ord Ammunition Treat.We had been working late on Bn Head office one nights. My CO, Lt. George Millard looked from windows and you may told you “what’s you to”. It absolutely was an orange fireball and you will base rising upwards regarding floor. Zero voice yet. We-all smack the floor and you may a few seconds after the brand new treat revolution emerged by way of blowing liquor bottle all over the place, blowing brand new monitor from the window and you may frightening the new heck of men and women. We had been on 3/cuatro regarding a mile away. They broke windows in Saigon, 12 a long way away. I am sure that everyone had their tale. That’s exploit. Introducing Vietnam.

I did a trip out of Long Bing into the Earliest Signal Brigade into the 1971 and 1972 because the a family Clerk. High ft had that which you. Food, PX, baseball process of law, real time groups from the EM club and you can outside swimming pools and you can movies. Saigon is not allowed however, I got the numerous times by the shuttle and you may returned by chopper. Needed to head to LBJ prison several times to own really works. A number of heroin punishment. Lots of container smoking plus it is 100 % free for region.

I was on 50th cleaning company inside Enough time Binh next to 24th Evac Healthcare. 50th cleaning was a POW Healthcare.

I drove a 5 flood 6?six dragging up to electricity

If you were during the Much time Binh and you may install Prostate cancer or such Jeff Bisel an ischemic cardiovascular system standing, otherwise numerous medical ailments thought to be presumptive – Document an excellent Va allege as quickly as possible, you can be given 100% impairment from the nearly $ four weeks tax-free with lots of almost every other condition gurus such as for instance reduced possessions fees, 100 % free auto registration, etc Lookup presumptive ailments pertaining to Agent Orange of course you really have one, you don’t need to establish how you had them for folks who was in fact inside the ‘Nam -This is where they are going to presume which you got it! I became clinically determined to have Prostate cancer tumors inside 2001 and has just is actually granted a great Va disability standing. Agent Tangerine was at the food and you can water supply therefore if you had been truth be told there your male looking for female did not have to-be close people sprinkle to have the toxins within your body. ******* (private information got rid of for each guidelines)

To all the Nam vets – I supported on Enough time Binh off – at 50th Scientific Clearing Business, near to 24th Evac Healthcare. It actually was a good POW hospital having injured Viet Cong and NVA’s and that i try an enthusiastic orthopedic technical getting casts towards the branches smashed because of the M-sixteen rounds.

For the 2001 I developed Prostate Cancers while in my very early 50’s. I’d zero genealogy and family history from it so it puzzled new physicians that i got it very more youthful.

I consequently found out off other Nam veterinarian that it’s sensed a ‘presumptive’, representative tangerine reputation linked to services inside the Viet Nam. Anyone which supported there was unwrapped, regardless of MOS. If you have they or the many presumptive AO-associated standards (google them) you are qualified to receive Va Settlement inspections all the way to $3, a month tax-100 % free.

My thought try, “How hell performed it rating a nuke from inside the right here” I hollered hit the platform, due to the fact We knew this new shock revolution are next

Consider, it’s not necessary to have been in the forest, performing actually having AO, started dispersed for the, an such like. You can get spent your trip into the a workplace in the Saigon, you’re still eligible just like the hazardous chemical compounds Dioxin, leeched to the and spread on the entire nation towards the water and you may restaurants likewise have and everybody exactly who used liquid or consumed dining you will find thought to have been unwrapped.

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