Everything I talked about above is important-bidding, targeting, budgeting, all of that fun stuff

Everything I talked about above is important-bidding, targeting, budgeting, all of that fun stuff

Optimize Your Snapchat Creative

But the MOST important part of your Snapchat strategy is your creative. Snapchatters are primed and ready to engage, but that doesn’t mean you can toss them any old ad and watch the dollars roll in. Luckily, the way to optimize your creative so that your ads deliver on your goal is not a great mystery.

Creative Testing

Remember that time I said the creative side of Snapchat is an art? That was a bit of a lie. If you magically make content that works immediately with no adjustments necessary-congratulations, you’re a certified Snapchat artiste. Most of us, though, need to test and learn and adjust. And that’s not art, it’s…I don’t know. Science. Or math. Or maybe social studies…?

The thing is, if your ad creative doesn’t resonate with Snapchatters, you may have trouble spending your budget, or you could end up with a higher cost per optimization event.

Try creating and testing new creative whenever possible. By testing creative variations, you provide Snapchat’s delivery system with more opportunities to explore new ads that may perform well with your customers.

How to best optimize your creative will change depending on your primary goal and which ad format you’re using. Here is a breakdown of our top tips as well as questions to ask yourself for each of the four most common ad formats.

1. Optimizing Creative for Snap Ads & Commercials

First and foremost, the thing you want to keep in mind when creating ANY ads for Snapchat is that Snapchat has its own look, feel, and even language. You need to familiarize yourself with it in order to create effective ads, because if you show up looking like this guy:

Use User-Generated Content . Or, at least create ads with a UGC look and feel. These ads do well on Snapchat, much better than overly produced ads. Speaking directly to the camera, with Snapchat-inspired features, will go a long way.

Keep it simple . Snapchat is all about bite-sized content, and your ads should fit right in. Think 5 to 6 seconds long. You should also keep in mind that Snapchat will put your brand name in the upper left corner of the ad, so keep that area clear in order to avoid clutter.

Establish branding early on . Make sure your logo or other branding is visible around the 2-second mark, or you risk missing the opportunity to get your most important message across.

Beyond that, here are questions that will help you optimize your Snap Ads and Commercials according to your particular goals:

2) Optimizing Creative for Snapchat Story Ads

When running Story Ads, keep in mind that you really have TWO opportunities here to get your message across: the tile and the Story itself. Users will see the tile for your Story on the Discover page, even if they don’t click on it and watch. That means you should make sure that your logo really pops! Take advantage of the space to get your audience to notice your brand.

And if you want anyone to click on your tile, there are a few things you should do. First, make sure you create a sense of curiosity. Give them a reason to learn more! Make sure your copy is simple, clean, and most of all-HONEST. Don’t make them think they’re clicking on something they’re not. Snapchatters do not appreciate that, and they won’t forget it, either.

When it comes to the Story itself, make sure it presents a linear, easy-to-follow narrative. Remember to include plenty of movement and personality, and be sure that it grabs attention right away.

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