Capricorn (?????? Kapurikon), “The newest Goat” (??? Makatsukyu), try a beneficial Celestial Heart which is one of many a dozen Wonderful Zodiac Keys

Capricorn (?????? Kapurikon), “The newest Goat” (??? Makatsukyu), try a beneficial Celestial Heart which is one of many a dozen Wonderful Zodiac Keys

His trick are earlier owned by Layla Heartfilia. Their secret is after introduced to help you Zoldeo, just who grabbed fingers out of their body, enrolling in Grimoire Heart’s 7 Kin off Purgatory understood while the Caprico (???? Kapuriko). [1] [2] He had been later free of Zoldeo’s control, and you will remaining Grimoire Cardio to be certainly one of Lucy Heartfilia’s morale. [3]


Capricorn is actually a taller humanoid, towering total off his fellow guild friends, just who and it has of numerous goat-like characteristics: his body is covered simply speaking, brown light fur, [4] with prolonged tufts layer his lower face, like a great goatee, as well as the back out of their feet, [5] which significantly resemble that from a beneficial goat, getting slightly curved in reverse and you may stop in the black hooves. He has got quick, narrow ears standing on most useful from his direct, with a distinctive, elongated oval setting, and you may horns hence contour downward and you can jut ahead from the top out of his head. Regarding their spine sprouts a mildly long tail conclude inside the a dark tuft of fur, and his fingers athletics much time and you will black nails (initially depicted while the light in the colour), [6] [7] highly reminiscent of claws. Their elongated face possesses marked cheekbones and you may a well known, higher nose; their sight are always hidden aside by the a pair of black, echo polished hues, which were initial portrayed given that having collection of, split lenses, which have an elongated egg-shaped setting, [6] however, was afterwards provided a very compact physical appearance, toward lenses fusing with the just one, having a great hollowed region in order for them to other people on Capricorn’s nostrils. [7] The brand new colour, predictably, incorporate ebony arms, hence, yet not, commonly found sleep everywhere, as a result of the Mage’s ears being in other places. [8] Capricorn and it has common, nicely toned intestinal, and you will, if you find yourself 1st illustrated since the lean-centered, [6] was afterwards provided an even more substantial, muscular looks. [7]

While had by Zoldeo and you will becoming “Caprico”, Capricorn donned a distinctive black colored coat having short, bloated arm, and therefore merely shielded top of the section of their boobs, making their muscular abdominal unsealed, more a similarly formed, pale-yellow shirt, that have a highly short, dark green link which have apartment concludes tied up doing his shoulder. [6] The guy dressed in black pants reaching listed below their goat legs, with each of their higher edges getting adorned because of the a light theme composed of a beneficial stripe dropping out-of his waist and entered with two significantly more, quite curved of those, also a brown belt secure inside a line of short circles and you can closed because of the a keen elongated egg-shaped buckle. Their end came up on the back away from his shorts. [9] He together with sported a pair of dark, basic material armbands circling his wrists. [4]

While you are affiliated in order to Layla Heartfilia, Capricorn donned a formal twin-tail butler fit and this secure his legs and arms. [10] He appears to have tantan aansluiting switched back into like clothing immediately following granting their key to Lucy Heartfilia. [11]


Caprico, if you find yourself owned by Zoldeo, got a peaceful, significant demeanor and you will exhibited little feeling, identical to the their other guild players, except whilst in race. [12] Just after being freed from Zoldeo, Caprico is proven to be quite dedicated in order to both Layla and Lucy, saying that he “usually do not give their capacity to Lucy because currently falls under her”. [13] He’s really sincere as he phone calls everyone on honorific “-sama”. [14] The guy plus seems to delight in the theory one Miracle is based on love, as he compliments Lucy’s interpretation off “The one Secret.” [15] Simultaneously, Capricorn is extremely skilled for the training others about Magic, because the Lucy summoned him to ensure he may train her towards simple tips to raise her Miracle Power peak. [16] He as well as suggests affection to own writing and you will reciting poems. [17]

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